November 3, 2015

Announcing task force members

After being appointed in July by Fr. Lawrence Bausch (president of Forward in Faith North America) to lead FIFNA’s church planting efforts, Fr. Chris Culpepper has named the founding members of the FIFNA church planting task force:
These nine represent four jurisdictions — ACNA, ACC, APA and REC — as well as the AAC parachurch organization. All have an interest in developing and supporting Anglo-Catholic church planters.

The task force will also be working with the ACNA’s church planting efforts — in particular, with Canon Dan Alger who now canon for church planting for the ACNA, Anglican Diocese of the South — as well as a church planter and rector of Anglican Church of the Redeemer (Dacula, Georgia).

For more information about the task force, contact Fr. Culpepper.

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